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"Dollar-A-Week" Challenge

On Monday, March 18, we launched our "40 Weeks For 40 Years" 2024 Donation Campaign to celebrate our 40-year anniversary, with a goal of $400,000. As we close our first full week of "40 Weeks For 40 Years," we invite first-time donors to join in the philanthropy with our "Dollar-A-Week" Challenge. Although fundraising can describe a relationship between organizations, such as a nonprofit and a foundation, fundraising can also describe a relationship between an organization and community members. In the past, MinKwon has collected funds for community action, and for our 40-year anniversary we draw on our past as an investment in our collective future. We invite you to participate in our "Dollar-A-Week" Challenge. Donate $1 per week as we count up to 40!


Donate at

To learn more, view videos below, available in Korean and English.

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