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Established in 1984 to meet the needs and concerns of the Korean American, Asian American and immigrant communities through our four major programs.

Advocacy & Community Organizing

The MinKwon Center believes fostering community action at the heart of what we do. MinKwon’s Advocacy & Community Organizing’s two-fold approach represents our community’s needs on the federal, state and local levels of government and provides our community the platform to engage in grassroots organizing and activism.

Civic Participation

Despite comprising of 15% of New York City’s population, only 6.9% of the Asian-American community votes. In 2015, MinKwon will lead the APA VOICE (Voting and Organizing for Increased Civic Engagement) – a twelve-member collaborative dedicated to demonstrating both the power and needs of the Asian-American immigrant population through voter turnout and education.

Social Services

The MinKwon Center’s Social Services program offers a comprehensive range of free social and legal services to more than 8,000 low-income community members. Providing all of our services in Korean and Chinese, the MinKwon Center assists mainly limited English proficient immigrants who often face difficultly gaining to potential available resources.

Youth Empowerment

At the MinKwon Center, we see the potential in young men and women as leaders of today and tomorrow. YEP provides Asian-American high school youth the opportunity to learn new skills outside of an academic setting through education, service, and interpersonal development/team-building.

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