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Land Acknowledgement

Flushing is on Lenni Lenape and Matinecock land.

The MinKwon Center would like to acknowledge and honor Indigenous peoples of the U.S., in particular the Munsee Lenape and Matinecock peoples, whose traditional and unceded territories Flushing, Queens is situated in. As the Lenape and Matinecock continue to live and work on this land today, we celebrate Indigenous peoples’ diverse and enduring culture, history, and achievements.

MinKwon recognizes that the United States is founded on colonialism and genocide against Indigenous peoples, with systems of discrimination and marginalization developed over time between European settlers and their descendants and non-European immigrants. Racism and discrimination against Indigenous communities are still structurally embedded throughout American society and still actively cause harm. We can work to never forget this violent and painful history, and recognize the rights of Indigenous peoples right now.

Indigenous Peoples' Day has historically been celebrated in the United States as Columbus Day, marking the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492 to Indigenous lands in what is now known as the "Americas". Many people have been taught an inaccurate, colonized history of Christopher Columbus, one that erases the violence of his actions and that of settler colonialism. Today, we have the opportunity to acknowledge the reality of American history, honor the contributions and identities of Indigenous peoples, and fight for Indigenous representation and sovereignty.

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